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We sell high quality Kenyan coffee to specialty stores and to people that are interested in great tasting Kenyan coffee.

Mt Kenya TECO was started by Stephen Muraguri who lives in Colorado with his twin boys. Stephen grew up in Kenya and spent his childhood working with his parents on their coffee and tea farm.

The work on the farm was labor intensive, and not always rewarded with fair pay. In addition to working the land, Stephen’s parents had to hold traditional jobs as well. Stephen’s mom, Joyce, had a passion for education. While initially the farm provided a way for Stephen and his three brothers to all attend good schools, in later years Joyce worked the farm out of her love of the land and to bless others. In her lifetime, Joyce sponsored many others and enabled them to get an education that they would otherwise not have had. She mentored, housed and tutored any student in need.

Since mom’s passing and the opening of direct sales from the coffee cooperatives to the US market, Stephen saw an opportunity to accomplish two things:

    • To do his part to make sure the hard work of coffee farmers in Kenya is rewarded with fair pay. This allows farmers to make a better life for their families, and reinvest in their farms.
    • To bring the very best of Kenyan coffee and tea to the US market so others can enjoy it too.

This company is Stephen’s way of passing on the coffee and tea legacy left by his parents, who worked tirelessly for their family, to their boys. Striving to provide the best in personalized customer service, always operating with integrity, and letting the product speak for itself are the hallmarks the business is founded upon.

We would be honored to do business with you. Thank you for your business and for helping us make a difference.

Our Kenyan Coffee & Tea Farm